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Stretching Strippers at Hollywood Park

I was hired by
Stiletto Magazine here
in Los Angeles to take photos
the other night of the
Jim "Poorman" Trenton's
Annual Bikini Beach Run-
a rather surreal event held
at the Hollywood Racetrack
in Inglewood
where the horses run. Some
16 strippers from two
competing strip clubs came
together to run an eighth of
a mile race out on the track.
We drove out onto the track
together in an immense
stretch Hummer inside of
which the girls danced in
close confines (except for
the two claustophobic ones,
who needed to put their
heads out of the window)
before emerging on
the track
before a crowd of about
9000 people.
After this spectacle and before
the race, they came inside -
where the jockeys warm
up and weigh in -
and stretched to get ready-
which is what is
There will be a Youtube video
of the event (May 16, 2008)
and you can also
see and read more
about it
if you are so
at www.poorman.com.

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