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dandelion, originally uploaded by andream66.

An elaborate dream.

An elaborate dream., originally uploaded by [n].


untitled#03, originally uploaded by marcello_saba.


pasion14, originally uploaded by AtomicBomb.

the sun will shine........again!

the sun will shine........again!, originally uploaded by MalNino.

Bantayan Island


Wesou, originally uploaded by david_en_la_rama.

Texture and Form

Texture and Form, originally uploaded by Vichar Photography.

From my nature and human nude series.
Mixture of wood, grain and mud. Model was shot outdoors with available light.
Nikon FM 2 Camera, F 8, 1/125th second, Kodad ASA 100, tripod


relativity, originally uploaded by Merkur*.


TwoFriendsTwo, originally uploaded by hkncnr.


.., originally uploaded by -Goya-.

Canterbury Cathedral Cloisters

Black and white version of another shot with two workmen coming into view at far end. Using the Sigma 12-14 lens on D700, ISO 1000, hand held

penso di si !

penso di si !, originally uploaded by william-zimpel.

, originally uploaded by Lali McColly.

photography and content are copyright © Lulzim Makolli. All rights are reserved world wide. None of these photographs or stories may be reproduced and/or used publicly in any way without the written permission of Lulzim Makolli. If you are interested in using my pictures, please contact me at lalimccolly@gmail.com

7 am

7 am, originally uploaded by faithfull.

Tracks from Beatles..

Tracks from Beatles.., originally uploaded by olystad.

11. august 09.

Local field.. late evening.

We have a theme in our local photogroup this month which is "tracks from Beatles".. And I did`nt have time to do the job.. So I will claim that this is the tracks from Beatles.. Anyway, I doubt they was driving a tractor here.. But who cares :-)



nEO_IMG_IMG_2635, originally uploaded by c0466art.

甌江 is located at 麗水 of 浙江省 China, we took a trip to take the fish boats people living in the early
morning, the weather was cold that the fog rised from the water

Taking photos

Taking photos, originally uploaded by Kozsák Rudolf Árpád.

Only stone...?

Only stone...?, originally uploaded by André Morelli.


.., originally uploaded by Yosarashka Photographs :)(:.


Choice, originally uploaded by stager57.

mountains of madness

places we don't want to be, trying to find the safest rock to cling to...


Tears, originally uploaded by Parham.Mortazavian.

Chillida: líneas y sombras

Chillida: líneas y sombras, originally uploaded by artzazuri.

Les histoires d'amour finissent mal....


--, originally uploaded by tartalom.



., originally uploaded by frederic.desmots.

Another Brick on The Wall

Another Brick on The Wall, originally uploaded by ozgurcakir.

city jungle

Galata Bridge
August 2007

Wildfire on the Wood River

Wildfire on the Wood River, originally uploaded by Wolfhorn.

This photo of the fire was taken from my deck. The fire is now over 107 thousand acres, and still burning. All together, over 2 million acres have burnt this summer in Alaska. View On Black


escape, originally uploaded by baad5eed.

Lost at sea

Lost at sea, originally uploaded by Andri Elfarsson.

This is my favorite shot from my trip to Hvitserkur - it is dark and black and I was lucky with the natural lighting.

, originally uploaded by `Vorfas.

Make Up: José Herrera
Hair 2: Vero de Luca
Model: Ayelén Zambon


Jenny, originally uploaded by Marteline Nystad.

Houghton Folding Klito Camera

Houghton Folding Klito Camera, originally uploaded by jafsegal.

Virginie Frémaux and Mika Lafforgue in "A contrepoids" (Trapeze)

Virginie Frémaux and Mika Lafforgue in "A contrepoids" (Trapeze)

Canon EOS 5D + EF 50mm f/1.8 USM @ 1/40s - f/1.8 - ISO400 - 50mm.


hope., originally uploaded by *and.

RICOH GR1s/Fuji 1600-PR

While there is life, there is hope.

Tu silencio es un tesoro

Tu silencio es un tesoro, originally uploaded by byfer.

... yo hablaré por ti... :)

, originally uploaded by Saturnstyle.

Só com uma roda

Só com uma roda, originally uploaded by Yuri Bittar.

Só com uma roda

Marquise do Parque do Ibirapuera, São Paulo SP, Brasil.
Da série Visões da Cidade Fragmentada, foto de 2008 com uma Sony Cybershot DSC H50.
Esta foto foi feita durante saída fotográfica com meus alunos.

For whatever we felt we celebrate the unbearable lightness of being.

For whatever we felt we celebrate the unbearable lightness of being.

Just as you knew it would be.

Just for me

The ignition starts.
Metropolis has nothing on this.
You're breathing in fumes, I taste when we kiss.
Take my hand, come back to the land
Where everything's ours, for a few hours.
Let me see you stripped down to the bone.

All Rights Reserved. © 2009 Matthew Ahern. 28"x28" maxi-print

Soundtrack playing (in the notes) : Depeche Mode / Stripped (Album Version)

black flowers blossom

black flowers blossom, originally uploaded by nani targetti.

cloudy day

cloudy day, originally uploaded by RtMata.



cellophane#03, originally uploaded by marcello_saba.

Welcome to the cage

Welcome to the cage, originally uploaded by Jordan_K.

Indian Road Worker

This photo was taken during a charity rally in India, Nov 2008.

Fairytale Series:Sleeping beauty

As I am on my summer break from university, I have decided to create a small project for myself to keep me amused and stop me from tearing my hair out with boredom!!! I am going to do a series of 'fairytale' photographs, depicting scenes from well known stories. This is the first in the series, 'Sleeping Beauty'.
Model : My youngest sister,Georgia.

God Cares, He Says

My cousin Oswald Junior. He's living in Curitiba. I usually stay at his place when I go to Curitiba.
He's Jesse's brother


EEL~BREATH, originally uploaded by High Contrast.

Geeknotes: Olympus OM4-Ti, Zuiko 50mm 1.4, Kodak 400CN. Scanned as colour neg.

coming out of the dark

coming out of the dark, originally uploaded by Thibaut Lafaye.


Roots, originally uploaded by paulh192.

Tree roots that have grown around large rocks along a riverbank.