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, originally uploaded by richard.kylberg.


THE CODE, originally uploaded by Thibaut Lafaye.

monochromatic landscape with the bus stop in the background


Traffic, originally uploaded by Stephane Suisse.

When you run out of apples, the rhinos lose interest

The San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park near Escondido, California; January 2009

Habitat 67

Habitat 67, originally uploaded by J.T.R..

Le romantisme industriel

Le romantisme industriel, originally uploaded by bi.chrome.


Munich, originally uploaded by Jan_Karol.

An even older pic ! I might just have run out of photos !!

No Name Bridge

No Name Bridge, originally uploaded by ART LEWIS.

Reidville S.C.USA

See No Colors - II

See No Colors - II, originally uploaded by Chrispz.

Storm on Fažana Croatia. Brioni Islands in the Background.

Midgery Lane

Midgery Lane, originally uploaded by Wizard Photography.


Spike, originally uploaded by kasperionis.


Bike, originally uploaded by hkncnr / Hakan Çınar.

Cumalıkızık Bursa Turkey 2009

Sur un petit air de Gênes (refrain)

Une petite dernière, pour la route. La promenade s'achève ici. Un coup de fil, un rendez-vous espéré en bord de mer, plus au sud. Les secondes reprennent l'épaisseur des minutes. Vite, une dernière respiration des petits airs nonchalants du cœur de la Superbe ! Et qui n'a pas que l'air d'avoir du cœur, qui en a la chanson…
Gênes, ce n'était donc que ça, mais tout ça, un petit matin d'octobre entre 8 et 9, après les insomnies, lorsque parfois comme par miracle, le temps prend la pause pour se laisser photographier.
La ville continue…

, originally uploaded by adilă.

Sherdley Park, St Helens, England

Sherdley Park, St Helens, England

, originally uploaded by lollah.


Buste., originally uploaded by Loeil2Loalx.


feet&legs, originally uploaded by marellaluca.

A l'encre

A l'encre, originally uploaded by Alexandre Bertin.

Contourner les obstacles

Contourner les obstacles, originally uploaded by sirop.de.citron.

Dancing with abandoned

Dancing with abandoned, originally uploaded by Merkur*.

I do not know the story of this ship, but I can see it was abandoned for some reason, and now there is at least one family inhabiting it. It is located midst of a very busy touristic beach (that is in summer time). Durres, Albania, October 2009


Solo, originally uploaded by -Patrick.

, originally uploaded by adilă.

Georgette Magritte by Lothar Wolleh

Taking a look outside..

Taking a look outside.., originally uploaded by joshlty.

High noon in the basement

High noon in the basement, originally uploaded by blinked.

Mysterious island - Quebec

Jo vull que siguis gran

Jo vull que siguis gran, originally uploaded by Ferran..

Pripiat / Slavutych

Pripiat / Slavutych, originally uploaded by Emmanuel Smague.

Pripiat / Slavutych


Part of Chernobyl and Schools

A city of 48000 until April 1986.
This is where the workers of the nuclear plant used to live.
It is now a ghost town.

A city of 22000 habitants, 8000 of whom are less than 18 years of age.
Located 30 miles east of the nuclear plant, this city was built a year after the catastrophe.
The workers take a train from here to go on the site of the nuclear plant, that still requires maintenance. Few of them lived in Pripiat...

Working on diptychs allowed me to draw a parallel between these two cities, to find the "live" counterpart of things I first found abandoned.

I did try to play the first prelude of the Well Tempered Clavier by Johann Sebastian Bach on that piano in Pripiat, my hands fitted in latex gloves. All that dilapidated shell of a piano gave me was a pathetic little note. A few days later I came to meet the assistant director of the music school in Slavutych. And as I told her about my attempt to play on that piano in Pripiat, she said : "please drop it. I taught and played on that piano. I could never return. It would be too painful."

Cable Support Day (Philadelphia)

This photo was part of my portfolio featured in LensWork magazine #78


iron-y, originally uploaded by Stathis_1980.

Texture By Les Brumes
Captured with Rolleiflex

The Lighthouse at the End of the World


Sophie, originally uploaded by La Lumière.

Some experimentations on woman nude… creative comments/advices welcome !

Some experimentations on woman nude… creative comments/advices welcome !


#3, originally uploaded by patrice panfili.

Aspen Trees in Jackson, Wy

Aspen Trees in Jackson, Wy, originally uploaded by Cooke Photo.

Aspen Trees in Jackson, Wy

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