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BW Ocean

BW Ocean, originally uploaded by eyado.



#102, originally uploaded by zi'thorpe photographie.


H-K09-105, originally uploaded by Hsien-Ku.

Grey birds obsess my heart,
mouth-ash, ash of eye.
they settle on the high
That emptied one man into space
The ovens glowed like heavens,
It is a heart,
This holocaust I walk in,
O golden child the world will kill
and eat.

| sweet indolence |

| sweet indolence |, originally uploaded by | Kmye |.

Sylvain, this photo is for you. Let awaken your imagination. With all my tenderness.

l'altra faccia del Vesuvio

Drawing Studio "Kimberly Reclining"

A 20 minute pose at the Drawing Studio in Tucson. I was able to set the light and the model. One exposure allowed. One drawing for the artists.
8x10 negative printed in platinum palladium metals.

Barcelona's stone

Barcelona's stone, originally uploaded by asbf48.

L'enfant - Lares Valley, Pérou

philippes - Condor

philippes - Condor, originally uploaded by vincerideshoot.


untitled, originally uploaded by MalNino.

under the pier
Coney Island

Into the snow

Into the snow, originally uploaded by Stephane Suisse.

Nagore nire begietan

Manif du 19 03 2009

Manif du 19 03 2009, originally uploaded by kilazone.


non-questionable, originally uploaded by BeViewed.

, originally uploaded by joto25.

Europe 1985**061

Europe 1985**061, originally uploaded by *Kid*Doc*One*.


Bodensee, originally uploaded by Quasebart.

Beauly Firth low tide

Beauly Firth low tide, originally uploaded by bruiach1.

More from the Beauly Firth series. I just wish there had been more water in the foreground to reflect the posts...

Crossing Market Street

Crossing Market Street, originally uploaded by PhillyPenn.

Beauly Firth low tide

Beauly Firth low tide, originally uploaded by bruiach1.

More from the Beauly Firth series. I just wish there had been more water in the foreground to reflect the posts...

pájaros en la niebla

pájaros en la niebla, originally uploaded by una cierta mirada.

be wind

be wind, originally uploaded by foxeto.

vinyl library

vinyl library, originally uploaded by Luke Pineda.


H-K09-99, originally uploaded by Hsien-Ku.

Inside this new love, die.
Your way begins on the other side.
Become the sky.
Take an axe to the prison wall.
Walk out like someone suddenly born into colour.
Do it now.
You're covered with thick cloud.
Slide out the side. Die,
and be quiet. Quietness is the surest sign
that you've died.
Your old life was a frantic running
from silence.

The speechless full moon
comes out now.

walking the city (София)

walking the city (София), originally uploaded by Ferran..

From the Past - Dal Passato

From the Past - Dal Passato, originally uploaded by A.Guandalini.

Medieval Caste of Montechiarugolo- 15-th century (Parma- Italy)
Imagining a medieval past


Ferlin#2, originally uploaded by hellotulla.

jag mötte en syster i natten
hennes ögon blänkte som gråt
genom smutsen skränet och skratten
mot gryningen följdes vi åt

det var väl en dröm allenast
en dikt som strök mej förbi
jag glömde den nästan genast
minns bara dess melodi


Equilibrista, originally uploaded by Nilton Ramos Quoirin.

Parque Tanguá
Curitiba - PR

those good people

those good people, originally uploaded by a bout de souffle.


lancaster., originally uploaded by william-zimpel.

, originally uploaded by adilă.


glass, originally uploaded by Olexander Frolov.

Das sechste Design. Auge von Polyphem

The sixth design. Polyphemus's eye
The episode in Odyssey is the oldest testament to cannibalism in ancient Greek literature. Walter Burkert detects in the Polyphemus episode a subtext that "seems to offer us something more ancient: threatened by the man-eater, men conceal themselves in the skins of slaughtered animals, and thus, disguised as animals, escape the groping hands of the blinded monster.

le bout du tunnel

le bout du tunnel, originally uploaded by jeff62138.

Cheminer vers la lumière.... et voir sa vie s'éclairer!

Master and Commander

Master and Commander, originally uploaded by onkel_wart.

But who is the Master and who the Commander?

All'ombra di un culto pagano

All'ombra di un culto pagano, originally uploaded by [en‧kū].

@ Luxor, Arab Republic of Egypt

03.13.09 : How Will You Breathe?

I had the opportunity to shoot at a local prop warehouse today and had a blast. I was captivated by the mannequins and would love the opportunity to shoot them again. This warehouse has everything you can think of: phones, TVs, signs, water fountains, eye glasses, guns, uniforms, medical supplies, LP's...I could go on and on. I just kept thinking what a way to get rid of all our old "junk." Anyway, I'm very grateful that they let me shoot without any hassles. It's so common these days for folks to be suspicious and the worker there made me feel very welcome.


Angel, originally uploaded by violinconcertono3.


Zia-12, originally uploaded by kalel koven.


stonehenge-01-v2, originally uploaded by marc sheridan.

This is not HDR but Justin Belcher's sky enhancement


itzalakIII, originally uploaded by aitzi8.


fromwindow, originally uploaded by simply_noom.


not everything is black and white

NEXT (3)

NEXT (3), originally uploaded by lollah.

Vallée d'Aure

Vallée d'Aure, originally uploaded by Isard.

winter in germany

winter in germany, originally uploaded by slipper buddha.

Spring shows first signs.

Spring shows first signs., originally uploaded by fxp.

Waiting For Godot

Waiting For Godot, originally uploaded by hanodedphotography.

An old lady on the steps of the Theatre in Stockholm.

© 2009 David Kerkhoff. All rights reserved

Vivre avec jour après jour

The Womanshand

The Womanshand, originally uploaded by arctis.