Ongoing CHALLENGE !!!

If your picture has been blogged here, it means that it has appealed to over 300 art jurors (currently 50 active) for a whole week or more. That is an achievement!!!

... and what does that mean ??? well according to This ... it means your picture is "... extremely resistant to people wanting to get rid of it", :)

If you see one single picture in this group that you think is not art, please say so (by commenting on it) and tell us why. If you are convincing - we will remove it. This group is to show case the most resistive pictures from the
B&W Art Photography - Is Your Art universal



Phonograph by violinconcertono3
Phonograph, a photo by violinconcertono3 on Flickr.

windows don't collapse

windows don't collapse by Klodiana Alia
windows don't collapse, a photo by Klodiana Alia on Flickr.


joanna by Paweł Śmiałek
joanna, a photo by Paweł Śmiałek on Flickr.


Untitled by daniel.stark
Untitled, a photo by daniel.stark on Flickr.

State Line Power Plant

State Line Power Plant by Kunst Images
State Line Power Plant, a photo by Kunst Images on Flickr.


. by Klodiana Alia
., a photo by Klodiana Alia on Flickr.

Screaming Trees

Screaming Trees by Alessio Orrù
Screaming Trees, a photo by Alessio Orrù on Flickr.


Hypnos by zébulon rouge
Hypnos, a photo by zébulon rouge on Flickr.


98775 by les brumes
98775, a photo by les brumes on Flickr.

Home sweet home

winter crossing

winter crossing by absynthius
winter crossing, a photo by absynthius on Flickr.


DSC_0466 by decphoto2012
DSC_0466, a photo by decphoto2012 on Flickr.


Olga by szimi82
Olga, a photo by szimi82 on Flickr.