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Singular (reworked)

Singular (reworked), originally uploaded by PhillyPenn.


nEO_IMG_IMG_1106, originally uploaded by c0466art.

we took a photo trip last Nov,2008 and in the moring we went to a small fish village to shootthe catching fish situation

no further personal power

no further personal power, originally uploaded by Elena Gal.


Untitled, originally uploaded by James Wainwright.


IMG_8903-2bw-w, originally uploaded by grain of sand.

Three young women recently celebrating Coming of Age Day in Kyoto, Japan.

the perseverance of a different permeability

Remington .44 cap and ball

Remington .44 cap and ball, originally uploaded by powman3006.

Remington .44 caliber cap and ball revolver. Working replica of a classic firearm. Canon G-10 handheld.

Bauhaus Staircase

Bauhaus Staircase, originally uploaded by padraicyclops.

A Bauhaus designed staircase in SFB Berlin radio station.

Light paintings - Ladies in waiting

Toying with my little digital Canon – an unlikely thing for such a hard-boiled fan of darkroom tan as myself - I was once more assured that there is no such thing as a dull day, if you only press the shutter. Initial endeavours to take any motivating pictures were rather off-putting and nothing more than postcard-like snaps but then, while on a short trip to Istanbul, it all started to happen. Close examination of some of quite random pictures taken there revealed the devil hid in detail – all those mundane and dull snaps, when blown-up and stripped of disrupting colour, suddenly gave away their secret side – which I call ‘Light caught off-guard’. It is my hope that with practice even more astonishing results can be obtained. Here they are for you to take a look at and evaluate.

Cour intérieure

Cour intérieure, originally uploaded by mrnico.


Escalator , originally uploaded by Marc Gommans.

escalator to the tunnel (St Anna) in Antwerpen


Windscape, originally uploaded by Wolfhorn.

, originally uploaded by Lá caitlin.



Winter Tree I

Winter Tree I, originally uploaded by ski 9.

spiralling down...

spiralling down..., originally uploaded by RoryO'Bryen.

Carnaval - quartier Montorgueil, Paris


., originally uploaded by frederic.desmots.

luci sulla vita

luci sulla vita, originally uploaded by leggermentefuorifuoco.

The Soldier of the Army of Christ

November rain

November rain, originally uploaded by Cpt<HUN>.

Régmúlt, vissza többé sosem jön


Promises, promises
I'm feeling burned
You taught me a lesson
I didn't want to learn

Why did I come here?
Please tell me again
Why did you ask me?
Don't say you forget

I long for, I long for
I long for my home
I long for a land where
No man was ever known

With no neurosis
No psychosis
No psychoanalysis
And no sadness

I'll pick up the pieces
I'll carry on somehow
Tape the broken parts together
And limp this love around

Limp this love around

In between

In between, originally uploaded by Stephane Suisse.

Sanofi pasteur Building - Lyon - France


IMG_0283, originally uploaded by tey_zent.

airport sign

airport sign, originally uploaded by william-zimpel.



Pier, originally uploaded by Hypnagogic visions.

Taken under Cromer Pier on a cold twilight evening. My hands were freezing with the long exposure and my feet kept getting wet. Still, an invigorating experience. This image doesn't quite work for me and I certainly don't claim it is an original idea. However, I've wanted to experiment with long exposures for a while now by the sea and finally had the chance when visiting my parents this Christmas. A record, therefore, of my first attempt on which I hope to look back later and smile when I see what I should have done...in the meantime, your comments much appreciated! Happy 2009 to all and thanks for taking the time to visit.

This is not an obsticle, freedom is a spectacle

Grindavik, SW-Iceland

The title is a direct quote to the simple yet brilliant lyrics of FM Belfast, an Icelandic band

Shot at dark, 130 sec long exposure, iso 50, f/11, 21mm.

Tree study I

Tree study I, originally uploaded by Hjalli♣.

The Reading Terminal Market (Philadelphia)

The Reading Terminal Market (Philadelphia)

This is the second night I stood across the street waiting for a shot like this.

Camden Town

Camden Town, originally uploaded by a bout de souffle.

tugboat iii

tugboat iii, originally uploaded by andrew c ko.

Screaming Tunnel

Screaming Tunnel, originally uploaded by J.T.R..

Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls, Canada



-, originally uploaded by M A K.

magic mushroOm ruleS

Baignade - Udaipur, Inde

Baignade - Udaipur, Inde, originally uploaded by Gwen Lafage.


IMG_6596, originally uploaded by vladimir.d.

San Francisco, Office View

San Francisco, Office View, originally uploaded by reecardo-v.

This is the view from my office in the Financial District.

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Banzai beach

Banzai beach, originally uploaded by massi_pugliese.

Holga 120 CFN
Gelatin silver print


-, originally uploaded by M A K.

magic mushroOm ruleS

a fraction in passing

a fraction in passing, originally uploaded by BeViewed.

(the old battered lantern snapshooting shadows,
of travellers' distress in quest for rooting!)


Woman, originally uploaded by onkel_wart.

Gernot Nebel, artiste peintre

Rencontre fortuite sur les Plaines d'Abraham, Québec.


NATURE FUTURE?, originally uploaded by msokal.

This will be the nature future?.A graphic representation on a wall?.I hope no...

Help to protect the environment,OUR lives depend on it.


Untitled, originally uploaded by James Wainwright.

Without a Noise

Without a Noise, originally uploaded by hellotulla.

, originally uploaded by lollah.

I'm hanging on your words. Feeling with your skin.

We are redemption's fortune and the deepest calling.

Song playing / In Your Room (Apex Mix) Depeche Mode
Song links for playback attached in the notes section.


még, originally uploaded by csaba brindza.


Toward the Dark - Verso il Buio

02 June, 2008
City of Siena (Tuscany-Italy)
Flight of Steps -Scalinata- (B&W Version)


Mask, originally uploaded by Allan Carvalho.

Una mirada XVII


Pausa, originally uploaded by 27 conversazioni non lette.

Dicembre 2008
Piazza delle Vettovaglie