Ongoing CHALLENGE !!!

If your picture has been blogged here, it means that it has appealed to over 300 art jurors (currently 50 active) for a whole week or more. That is an achievement!!!

... and what does that mean ??? well according to This ... it means your picture is "... extremely resistant to people wanting to get rid of it", :)

If you see one single picture in this group that you think is not art, please say so (by commenting on it) and tell us why. If you are convincing - we will remove it. This group is to show case the most resistive pictures from the
B&W Art Photography - Is Your Art universal


Light paintings - Ladies in waiting

Toying with my little digital Canon – an unlikely thing for such a hard-boiled fan of darkroom tan as myself - I was once more assured that there is no such thing as a dull day, if you only press the shutter. Initial endeavours to take any motivating pictures were rather off-putting and nothing more than postcard-like snaps but then, while on a short trip to Istanbul, it all started to happen. Close examination of some of quite random pictures taken there revealed the devil hid in detail – all those mundane and dull snaps, when blown-up and stripped of disrupting colour, suddenly gave away their secret side – which I call ‘Light caught off-guard’. It is my hope that with practice even more astonishing results can be obtained. Here they are for you to take a look at and evaluate.

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