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--, originally uploaded by tartalom.


OL1373-Archi-, originally uploaded by MP Photographies....

Cathédrale St-Sauveur, La Rochelle, France.

Apple Zen moment

Apple Zen moment, originally uploaded by ArcheiaMuriel.

Tried some lighting techniques and some slight filtering to get this shot. I was quite pleased with it.


Prism over light senstive paper

Kitty Kate

Kitty Kate, originally uploaded by fredo.H.

modèle: Kitty Kate
assistant lumière: Christian V.
make up: Boyi Wang


01.11.2011, originally uploaded by Jack from Paris.

Toits de Paris en noir et blanc - rue des Boulets
by Nikon D700 with Zeiss Distagon 2.8/25mm ZF

Hair I

Hair I, originally uploaded by Dadissad.

Roksana Mical - PLAYGROUND - 008.

, originally uploaded by Parham.Mortazavian.


., originally uploaded by frederic.desmots.

Well, you think I'm just a pretty face...

Well, you think I'm just a pretty face...

Boy you think it's gonna be alright
Call for your momma, you better get ready,
It's gonna be raining bloody evil tonight
Bloody shovel I'll be diggin' your grave
When the devil comes knockin'
He'll be calling for you babe.
Demon Lover

Modelo: Mar Lizana
Organitzación artística: Montse - M00Ntseta

, originally uploaded by knudsburg.

I have had a picture with a fence in snow on a foggy day for a long time in my mind and this winter I was lucky enough to find exactly what I was searching for.

TRON LEGACY ~ Derezzed

TRON LEGACY ~ Derezzed, originally uploaded by . ADRIEN ..

TRON LEGACY ~ Derezzed

Une envie de partager ce teaser pour TRON LEGACY avec la bo de Daft Punk sur cette photo.

Sur Facebook:


N.E.V.E.R, originally uploaded by *nausika*.

Falling leaves series

Falling leaves series, originally uploaded by Merkur*.

, originally uploaded by lovemyshadow.


drowning, originally uploaded by maree..

There was a day when Nature came to my window and composed her wonderful music before my eyes

There was a day when Nature came to my window and composed her wonderful music before my eyes

, originally uploaded by J a n . B i s h o p..



The place that doesn't exists

The place that doesn't exists, originally uploaded by contegjika.

Study # 100

, originally uploaded by [ Eccentric bubble ].

The Catacombs

The Catacombs, originally uploaded by MarkDM.

The Catacombs

Beneath Paris, France; October 2010

Underground art: The most surprising thing about the Catacombs is the artistry. What we saw was mostly leg bones and skulls, but they were placed so carefully, it was beautiful. It suggests how much respect the Parisians of 200 years ago had for their dead.

If you go: Be aware of a couple of things.

1. The Catacombs go on and on, probably a half-mile or so just of the ossuary (where the bones are), plus some other corridors and a few dozen steps up and down.

2. It gets wet in places, and don't wear your best shoes. I brought back some Catacombs mud on my shoes. I like it and will let it wear off, but just know that parts of the floor are a bit sloppy.

OL1323-Pont de Rè-

OL1323-Pont de Rè-, originally uploaded by MP Photographies....

, originally uploaded by Kristian Leven.

, originally uploaded by may the circle remain unbroken.

Streets of Dublin - Elevation

Streets of Dublin - Elevation, originally uploaded by davcare.

well I thought an Irish band would fit the content of the image... plus, the song really gives the idea of the frenetic life in the streets of the capital, i could picture myself up there again, walking fast past those sidewalks and bridges, listening to "elevation"...

crow at davis st beach lith fog small

This is the first picture I've taken with lith printing in mind and this is exactly how I visualized it...pretty rare for me.
I often take a walk to the beach at lunch especially when the weather turns "interesting". My camera of choice is the Olympus XA...don't leave home without it...loaded with Tri-x. Paper, Kentmere Warm VC Fiber Semi Matt, Labor Partner Lith developer.


murmur, originally uploaded by maree..

Geneva 2010

Geneva 2010, originally uploaded by Merkur*.

Head without Smile [ambrotype]

Wet-Plate Collodion Ambrotype 8x10"

Two exposures 3 seconds each.

You may find entire series here: MIRRORLAND

, originally uploaded by may the circle remain unbroken.

Ewelina 2865 - Version 2

Ewelina 2865 - Version 2, originally uploaded by tcholewa.

My first time shooting session in a studio. Thanks to Tomasz Mosionek from mosionek.com for the opportunity.

Model: Ewelina C.
MakeUp: Ewelina Szymańska
Studio: mosionek.com
Making of: www.youtube.com/watch?v=74P6XcdQX7w

, originally uploaded by klikatu.

, originally uploaded by may the circle remain unbroken.


everlasting, originally uploaded by Super G.

all that is passed hangs on the wall

city in gray

city in gray, originally uploaded by ozgurcakir.


35mm Ilford HP5 Plus 400, Revue 135 mm and archive in dust.

cityscape shot from the castle

grass in the mist

grass in the mist, originally uploaded by Fagerbacka.

, originally uploaded by LJ..

Time for Tea [ambrotype]