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Irish Hunger Memorial (New York City)

, originally uploaded by la_nacho.

three wishes ...

three wishes ..., originally uploaded by Thibaut Lafaye.

Every spoken word seemed absurd

Every spoken word seemed absurd, originally uploaded by blinked.


Shadow, originally uploaded by jimbryan.

, originally uploaded by StevenAS135.

Kings Beach, Lake Tahoe at dusk.

Flower bw

Flower bw, originally uploaded by Merkur*.


, originally uploaded by © Ali Shokri / www.alishokri.com.

Iran, Horand, Samboran Mountains
All rights reserved - Copyright © Ali Shokri - www.alishokri.com

A svemograph

A svemograph, originally uploaded by avezink.

Three quarters of yesterday's Svema 125 roll came out looking empty. Development gone wrong? Let's just say, it's a svemograph - a barely distinguishable imprint on the old film's clouded membrane.

, originally uploaded by sleachim.

Late Gathering

Late Gathering, originally uploaded by isvibilsky.

He's feeling cold
The light is dying
But he will wait
for descending crowd

elemental white // 4

elemental white // 4, originally uploaded by nani targetti.

about everything and nothing brian eno
wideness, clearness, pureness, silence, can you feel the cold?

in between

in between, originally uploaded by haglerphotography.

In mysterious ways

In mysterious ways, originally uploaded by tanzer ohne beine.

, originally uploaded by may the circle remain unbroken.

river bottom lullaby 9/8/07

welcome hotel

welcome hotel, originally uploaded by james eugene frank.

FILM - Massey - sunbeams

FILM - Massey - sunbeams, originally uploaded by Alan Norsworthy.

From my trip to Brantford with Doug, John, Beth and Grant. Thanks to John and Jim for setting this up. What a day !


cliche shot and not really all that special but the lighting was just to good to pass up. a storm hit around 30 mins later

in the fog // 1

in the fog // 1, originally uploaded by nani targetti.

Niland Boat Launch

Niland Boat Launch, originally uploaded by photodoc2.

Infrared image of the Niland Boat Launch area on the East side of the Salton Sea. The sea was formed in 1905 when the dam holding back the Colorado river compromised. Today, the salt levels are so high only Tilapia can survive.
Dead and mummified fish are laying everywhere due to an unexplained fish kill.
The park is abandoned and in complete disrepair.
The full article can be seen here

Side by Side 3 in Philadelphia

From my cityscape portfolio



Metro, originally uploaded by YET TO COME.

, originally uploaded by LaTol.


27th, originally uploaded by tartalom.


Quinzieme, originally uploaded by nicolasgenette.

Divergence, Quinzieme
Decembre 2009
Fine-art Giclee print, limited edition only

"White and Black" Series

"White and Black" Series, originally uploaded by unrealalex.

In case of Caravage

In case of Caravage, originally uploaded by Thierry D'.

Nuit Blanche au parc des Buttes-Chaumont

turn and run

turn and run, originally uploaded by rince_77.

We visited the sea again, this time with familly for christmas.
had a great walk. Took my DianaF+ and lady canonet with me.
These are the Diana pics
unfortunattely, my thermometer was broken and the developper fluid was 2° too hot. it washed away a lotta images.

Life beat #19

Life beat #19, originally uploaded by abu19m.



hybrid, originally uploaded by paga4flickr.


Failure, originally uploaded by Pandémik.


., originally uploaded by frederic.desmots.

church with angel

Our Lady of Guadalupe
Cebu City

Revenons aux fondamentaux.... "Si proche et pourtant si seul..."

Revenons aux fondamentaux.... "Si proche et pourtant si seul..."


Ezra, originally uploaded by P.S.Zollo.

On Venice Beach
we met, where he was
playing some blues licks
on his harmonica.

, originally uploaded by sa.tristiano.


karanlıktan...., originally uploaded by ertugrulincel.

The Man Who Sold The World

The Man Who Sold The World , originally uploaded by M.A.M08.


Winter., originally uploaded by candido baldacchino.


Veronica, originally uploaded by P.S.Zollo.

taken at the
Aroma Cafe
in North Hollywood,

There'll be no second chance

There'll be no second chance, originally uploaded by davcare.

ndeed, there always is, I believe...

Blackmore's Night " No second Chance":

phil, the revelator

phil, the revelator, originally uploaded by tartalom.

A Cultural Atlas of A Serial Killer

... between the two Horns of a terrible dilemma... He survived..

Image diary

Image diary, originally uploaded by Lars Lejring.



ultraviolet, originally uploaded by . dale ..

The only Free thing in a city.

John Gray bw

John Gray bw, originally uploaded by Keith A Daigle.

Plate tray

Plate tray, originally uploaded by MalNino(Happy New Year!!).

NikonD200 + MF nikkor 50mm F/1.2 AIS

In a worn out suit and tie I'll wait