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Following the tides - Study III

La Rochelle - France
La Rochelle - France

, originally uploaded by pippuz78.

italy , cortina d' ampezzo
mamiya 645 Af , zeiss flektogon 50 / 4 lens , fuji nph 400 film
best in large view View On Black
filippo scarpi

...many myself.......

...many myself......., originally uploaded by Eti 2811962.

...And suddenly, I am trying to follow the many myself that escaping for different roads....

...E improvvisamente, mi trovo a seguire i miei tanti me stesso che scappano in direzioni diverse.........

Beach At Night II

Beach At Night II, originally uploaded by Sea Observer.

4 judy bw

4 judy bw, originally uploaded by stevemullan.

about birds

about birds, originally uploaded by ChernoVAnton.

, originally uploaded by Hjalli♣.

, originally uploaded by heldriver.

Thanks to www.flickr.com/photos/compulsivebehaviour/ for modeling, pointing these two frames on the film out to me, inspiring me and just for being there when I needed her!


Compass, originally uploaded by stager57.

Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower, originally uploaded by Gladwell.

This image was taken on a day trip to Blackpool to take photographs. The weather was very changeable and so there were some interesting clouds. I managed to manipulate them using Layers and curves in Photoshop. I love the moody atmosphere that i have captured.

A breath of light

A breath of light, originally uploaded by cfc247.


Izac, originally uploaded by hellotulla.


It is sometimes important to estimate value of something help when nobody seems to be near.

Hasselblad 500C/M + Zeiss Planar 80mm f/2.8 + 21x + Ilford FP4 125 (expired since 1983) + Ilford ID-11 + Epson V700 Scan (No photoshop except from dust)

Bruno Servant © All rights reserved - Downloading and using images without permission is illegal. PoissonSoluble92@hotmail.fr


--, originally uploaded by tartalom (a busy bee just now).


Umbrella, originally uploaded by Paul Swee.

Can you see what I see?...
Sham Sui Po, HK


feet, originally uploaded by ozgurcakir.


Coreografía, originally uploaded by Martínez Clares.

16 - Door Locks.jpg

16 - Door Locks.jpg, originally uploaded by PixelNoir.

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Wat Door.
Which Wat?
I forgot so whore cares.

la descente

la descente, originally uploaded by rastaschas.

Taking photos

Taking photos, originally uploaded by Kozsák Rudolf Árpád.

, originally uploaded by desbyrnephotos.


Eiffel, originally uploaded by ~Wizard Images~.

, originally uploaded by babyblu.

In my backyard

In my backyard, originally uploaded by lucianolteanu2006.

, originally uploaded by Claudio Tizzani.

Torino Canon Eos 350D con zoom Canon USM L 24-70mm f/2,8. 200iso desaturata con Lightroom. Scatto Raw lavorato con Capture One 4.


_MG_8950, originally uploaded by dancujo79.


Up, originally uploaded by Halsemann..

...to the 5th floor

A girl

A girl, originally uploaded by *and.

RICOH GR1v/Kodak 400TX

Carnaval - quartier Montorgeuil, Paris


#3, originally uploaded by zi'thorpe photographie.

Everything blows I

Everything blows I, originally uploaded by knudsburg.

Location: Röm/Denmark Kamera: Nikon D80, Sigma 18-200
Greyfilter 64 + Redfilter for a longer exposuretime


_MG_8950, originally uploaded by dancujo79.

Remaining light

Remaining light, originally uploaded by RufoMaior.


mrcz-cnnt-fo100_28, originally uploaded by mariczka.

i've knitted a new sweater.
'Benjamin Linus' series #1. self with canonet' series #16


Cairo, originally uploaded by Emmanuel Smague.


"Child of the World" at "Galerie 52" in Paris from May 2 to May 16, 2009.

For more informations about Cairo's ragpickers, see my set

Part of Schools and Favorites

The children ragpickers often have no other choice but to help their parents in picking up the trash they process and resell to foreign companies. Most of them have received no formal education and are hence incapable of escaping that vicious circle. Some associations have understood that even though it may be impossible to prevent children from working it is nevertheless vital that they be given access to education.


Island, originally uploaded by Ferran..

and the ciggarettes where smoking by themselves

Banzai beach

Banzai beach, originally uploaded by massi_pugliese.

Holga 120 CFN
Gelatin silver print

Via Sacra da Rocinha 2009 - Todos os dias crianças são crucificadas no Brasil graças a ausência do Estado

Via Sacra da Rocinha 2009 - Todos os dias crianças são crucificadas no Brasil graças a ausência do Estado

Via Sacra da Rocinha 2009. Ocorreu no dia 10/04/09, Sexta Feira da Paixão.

NYC #1

NYC #1, originally uploaded by Noor +.

L’Ospedale Psichiatrico Provinciale di Rovigo,intitolato al re Vittorio Emanuele III, è stato inaugurato il 29 novembre 1929. L’Ospedale Psichiatrico, la de-finizione è del 1937, è stato chiuso definitivamente il 31 dicembre 1997.


Aglae, originally uploaded by Lionel Deyna.

Punk's not Dead

Kathy - stairs - Abingdon Square, New York

Carrie Ann in Paris

Carrie Ann in Paris, originally uploaded by P.S.Zollo.

I actually met her and took this
on the
red carpet of the XRCO awards
the other night in Hollywood-
the porn awards -
at the Hollywood-Highland club
as it was last year-
but as she was so beautiful
and seemingly French to me,
I transported her to this alleyway -
la ruelle - in Paris.
In real life - which is Hollywood -
she is a porn star.


Tara, originally uploaded by Blasketblue.