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, originally uploaded by oranista.

| labyrinth of thoughts |

| labyrinth of thoughts |, originally uploaded by Kmye.

, originally uploaded by hkncnr.


Shadows, originally uploaded by Marc Gommans.


Obsession, originally uploaded by ozgurcakir.

Sep 2008
Sishane Street


rhyme, originally uploaded by a bout de souffle.


rx2, originally uploaded by rastaschas.

Philadelphia Silhouette

Philadelphia Silhouette, originally uploaded by PhillyPenn.

donny darko

Straight conversion to B&W from the RAW file in Picasa 3. That pigeon looks like a wabbit...


TIBIDABO: NORIA Y ATALAYA, originally uploaded by bocángel.

Más fotografías de la serie sobre el Tibidabo que hice en septiembre. Hace unos meses puse alguna parecida pero en color.


window, originally uploaded by greendaizer13.


., originally uploaded by frederic.desmots.

...al Delle Alpi

...al Delle Alpi, originally uploaded by ►Daniele » P◄.

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CF001287 Il Duomo di Milano (ArcaSwiss Rodenstock ApoSironar 45mm PhaseOne P25-bw)

The Duomo of Milan at 7 am. Should definitely be seen large.
Messaggio per gli amici di MW: Dopo tutta la fatica che ho fatto per mostrare che il Duomo è meglio dell'infame panettone che si vede da fuori, se non vinco la POTW questa volta mi incazzo!

ballet school

ballet school, originally uploaded by Super G.


, originally uploaded by by theway.

Jefferson Memorial-3

Jefferson Memorial-3, originally uploaded by a-chromatic.

, originally uploaded by ohoh2golly.


sidewalk, originally uploaded by Mark William Brunner.

Shibuya night. Tokyo..

Shibuya night. Tokyo.., originally uploaded by *and.

Syria- Damasco, Umayyad mosque


THE TWO SIDES...., originally uploaded by msokal.

creditcrisissubprimebailout man goes home for the last time

creditcrisissubprimebailout man goes home for the last time

Nature in bw

Nature in bw, originally uploaded by arctis.

The beautiful Orchidee's


Vaud(e)Ville, originally uploaded by Elena Gal.

Miss Chris Columbine

So...I am back but with one sad news...

I consider this series as my personal tribute to the recent loss of my beloved Bettie Page.

May you rest in peace.

Free to flutter in memories of their wasted wings...but so tired........

Thanks to Andreea, Dianora (http://ro-stock.deviantart.com/) and PC, for some incredible brushes.


destination, originally uploaded by BeViewed.

I think of my body as a burden,
to always take it with me-
and feel its strange sensations coming from deep down my stomach,
~just before I get there!

roads are never truly seen-
only fractions of it, melting with the vision of poll lamps against the dark of night-
and the firm dedication of motion onward,
~wholly transported~...

if never been there before,
that should be the promised land,

omnia mea mecum porto.


., originally uploaded by pippuz78.

Kerstmarkt Dordrecht

Kerstmarkt Dordrecht, originally uploaded by wimzilver.


buster, originally uploaded by william-zimpel (AWAY).


Kontrast, originally uploaded by David Alberts.

Tones of ice and snow

Tones of ice and snow, originally uploaded by Hot in Buffalo.


treestiff, originally uploaded by susieowen0151@yahoo.com.


Dos..., originally uploaded by lo.tangelini.

And i felt we

And i felt we, originally uploaded by MDH27.

Old prints taken on the evening before my mothers wedding, thought they were optimistic pictures at the time lookin at them now, i think my camera saw more of the future than my own feelings, they feel impending!
120 roll film developed in not enough dev. and agitated every 30 secs so the film would still develop but leave slightly underdeveloped bands and some drips...


fog, originally uploaded by tartalom.

Going home

Going home, originally uploaded by ro_nya.

Semblence in "half awakened darkness."

Semblence in "half awakened darkness."


Lips, originally uploaded by joanpetrus.

Shade drawing

Shade drawing, originally uploaded by Hel Des.

Evil Dead

Evil Dead, originally uploaded by EmilianoStefanelli.

Nikon F4 - 28mm
Ilford 125 ISO

Women with cloven limbs

Women with cloven limbs, originally uploaded by Mr Flikker.

Consuelo Faust (R) and Rhodessa Jones.


Unheimlichkeit, originally uploaded by morimur29.

christmas light post

christmas light post, originally uploaded by bubble dumpster.


Ft. Langley on prem 400 @ 1600

Ft. Langley on prem 400 @ 1600, originally uploaded by dncswclds.


Karakol, originally uploaded by Emmanuel Smague.

Exhibition at the national photography gallery "L'Imagerie" in Lannion (Brittany, France)
Part of Exhibition, Central Asia and Favorites


0810CHI_bean8445bw-w, originally uploaded by grain of sand.

Single exposure. No photoshop, no re-touching.

This photo is underneith and looking up at a large scale stainless steel sculpture entitled Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor located in Chicago's Millennium Park. The reflecting surface is a double parabola converging in a concave dome, all of which gives rise to the multiple reflections.

Time Continual

Time Continual, originally uploaded by DerrickT.

Mud, glorious mud!

Mud, glorious mud!, originally uploaded by tripowski.

Elephants use mud to keep cool, as it dries more slowly than water. This is really important during October, as it's 40C - we only discovered when we arrived that the locals call it 'suicide month'. Doh! So much for a super-romantic honeymoon!

This large male was the only animal that came close to being dangerous while we were in Africa. He got rather close and agitated, and we had to withdraw behind some bushes under the cover of the ranger (we were on foot).

He then wandered off and started eating a tree. Obviously.

Brumes lac Aumar supérieure

Brumes lac Aumar supérieure, originally uploaded by Isard.