Ongoing CHALLENGE !!!

If your picture has been blogged here, it means that it has appealed to over 300 art jurors (currently 50 active) for a whole week or more. That is an achievement!!!

... and what does that mean ??? well according to This ... it means your picture is "... extremely resistant to people wanting to get rid of it", :)

If you see one single picture in this group that you think is not art, please say so (by commenting on it) and tell us why. If you are convincing - we will remove it. This group is to show case the most resistive pictures from the
B&W Art Photography - Is Your Art universal


Pre-Portraiture Workshops @ Kuala Lumpur

Each Channel of colors offer different kind of tone and lightness, I mean RGB Channel, some are lighter than the other, so in order to get this kind of Black and White, I pick which Channel is good for this color and that color and then combine them together before masking each Channel individually, actually there is an easy way out, just use greyscale or desaturate but you won't get this kind of "Depth and Tone", if you can, then maybe I'm the one who take "The Road Less Travel"... :-)

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