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, originally uploaded by Anita Libera Corsi.

Baby Shot - YaoLi Beautiful Time

Baby Shot - YaoLi Beautiful Time, originally uploaded by Tomo Li.

Reading Terminal Market 2 (Philadelphia)


Demolarea, originally uploaded by Alla Light.

street scene, ostuni

street scene, ostuni, originally uploaded by hughlook.


ExistentNorNonexistent II

Horseshoe Bay British Columbia

Today. Early morning in Szczecin

Today. Early morning in Szczecin, originally uploaded by A.gga.

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wte, originally uploaded by wee2046.

, originally uploaded by blinked.

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are..."
-Anais Nin


Heygate, originally uploaded by Lewis K. Bush.

Like many post-war estates Heygate developed a reputation for crime and is soon to be demolished. I wanted to capture the utopian, 'brave new world' feel that the place must once have had, but now on the eve of its destruction.



Serenity, originally uploaded by draganea and ljilja.


., originally uploaded by BeViewed.


Emanating, originally uploaded by Wolfhorn.

twisted wire rosewood

twisted wire rosewood, originally uploaded by fotofish.

Pinhole at local beach, printed on kentmere warmtone, developed in Rollei lith

Stream of consciousness

Stream of consciousness, originally uploaded by blinked.


metro, originally uploaded by dima999000.

Venice - Giudecca

Venice - Giudecca, originally uploaded by marellaluca.

Mass Marketing

Mass Marketing, originally uploaded by Stevenas135.

These patterns keep following me...

Location: UK, United Kingdom
Just me photographing old historic linear elements. I love patterns and was drawn to this ancient old church.

Leica R4, wide angle lens, F4, 1/60th sec. Agfa 100 ASA film.

before the storm

before the storm, originally uploaded by lucianolteanu2006.

ressac / the backwash of the sea


escalera, originally uploaded by weg!.

In my house

In my house, originally uploaded by Pandémik.

, originally uploaded by in.girum.

Istanbul, Turkey, 2009

, originally uploaded by Parham.Mortazavian.

I wonder
how life will be with a death that I shall never see
I wonder
why life must be .a life that lasts eternally

Topography of the body and mind and the pulsing spiritual dimension.

Topography of the body and mind and the pulsing spiritual dimension.
Hailing high above the grounded interspace.

Lac d'Aumar - Encre de chine

Lac d'Aumar - Encre de chine, originally uploaded by Jean Isard.


untitled, originally uploaded by aikidojones.

A studio shot with Ashley. Interested to hear interpretations of this piece. I never know if other people are seeing what I see in my figure work.

Lighting: Single B800 strobe in large softbox high camera right.

Polio and wheelbarrows

Sharing the crack with my father last night and conversation moved to my uncle who passed away on Sunday morning at a decent age. Dad talked about how his brother had got polio at a young age and how my granny had to take him in a wheelbarrow to the doctors...a different time but not that long ago. The title of the photo sprung to mind as they used to live at Tore...a wee place on the Black Isle in the background of the shot.

Lonely teddy...

Lonely teddy..., originally uploaded by joshlty.

you can almost catch a glimpse of a tear in his eye...
you wanna give him a hug?

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Girl with a Pearl Earring, originally uploaded by ugo dap.

, originally uploaded by Láma.


Leaves, originally uploaded by IK 169.

It was very cloudy outside. Lighting was perfect so I went to my front yard with my Hasselblad with 32000 ISO film loaded in it and shot whole roll trying to get this photograph. It is very dramatic in it is own way. It reminds me a lot about the ages of Pictorialism...

Dolphin Sex

Dolphin Sex, originally uploaded by BombardeMaxima.


Fireworks, originally uploaded by Jessse [ANALOGUE].

Proud of this one, set the shutter speed to 1/30 and sat there waiting for the fireworks to shed enough light on Lari's face.


Crime, originally uploaded by JoseAnV.

306. Baroque ruskov

306. Baroque ruskov, originally uploaded by Mallory.Pérot.