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43, originally uploaded by wee2046.


Bismillah, originally uploaded by [en‧kū].

The Existance of Angels

The Existance of Angels, originally uploaded by Erna....

composizione astratta con scale

RAF Nocton Hospital - Plastic Doors


..., originally uploaded by walter.breidenbach.


..., originally uploaded by walter.breidenbach.


., originally uploaded by kkozanecka.

Time and Space

Time and Space, originally uploaded by stager57.

Day 152/365--Childhood Memories

As a child, I LOVED playing dress-up!! My grandmothers would let me try on all of their old dresses and hats, and I remember invading my mother's closet and finding the white peep-toe heels she wore on her wedding day in 1978. My maternal grandmother used to let me play with her make-up if I organized it for her, and she gave me all of this wonderful old costume jewelry from the 1950's and 60's. I LOVED it!I think I have always been 100% girl. Yes, I run everyday and I can yell louder than your brother at a Braves' game, and it only takes me 3 minutes to do make-up, BUT I'd much rather be wearing a dress than pants, I belt opera at the top of my lungs in my car, and I'm an Random tidbit: I LOVE lipstick...like, I'm kinda' addicted to it. Sometimes, I get super brave and wear bright red if I'm going out with the girls....but no matter, I HAVE to have it on. It kicks my self-esteem up a few notches :)

absolute hopeless romantic. And even though it only takes me 3 minutes tops to apply my make-up everyday, I never leave the house without it. I also prefer pink and high heels and have always had a mad crush on Cary Grant :)


quadratically, originally uploaded by Super G.

Liu, San-Mei Rehearsal Photo


l'envol, originally uploaded by Thibaut Lafaye.


Müll, originally uploaded by weg!.


Kobe Claroscuro - Kobe Chiaroscuro

Alter Ego

Alter Ego, originally uploaded by Michelle Brea.


..., originally uploaded by katya kluk.

le soleil vient de se lever ....

Vietnam - Nha Trang, Po Nagar Cham temple

Sometimes life is...

Sometimes life is..., originally uploaded by jespel.


camouflage, originally uploaded by emzeeproductions.


Spotlight, originally uploaded by enilffo raeppa.

Houston TX


Amintiri, originally uploaded by Dumitru Radu.

Photo & Post processing: Dumitru Radu

In the army now

In the army now, originally uploaded by Marcus Revertegat.

Paramo la Culata

Paramo la Culata, originally uploaded by Jan_Karol.

Los Andes venezolanos.


Ralph, originally uploaded by Pat Maus Photo-Blog.

He is one of Hamburg's St.Pauli true faces. Ralph is homeless since 1988, originally born in the old DDR part of Germany and crossed the forbidden border when he was younger. He has two daughters which he haven't seen in over ten years...Due to our social system in Germany, he could rely on financial support but his free will is not to take any money from the state. He sees himself as a son of the streets and so far travelled to over 23 countries where he has lived and worked (e.g. the south of France where he helped collect the grapes for the wine)....


All the colours upon leaving, all will turn to grey all will turn to grey... grey... twisting me .

All the colours upon leaving, all will turn to grey all will turn to grey... grey... twisting me .

"Things i observed"

"Things i observed", originally uploaded by MDH27.

Your name isn't Rio but I don't care for sand

Your name isn't Rio but I don't care for sand

The journey is the reward

Golf court - Golf Hotels in Belek - Turkey


Paris, originally uploaded by westofsun.

walking in my shoes

Now I'm not looking for absolution
Forgiveness for the things I do
But before you come to any conclusions
Try walking in my shoes
Try walking in my shoes

You'll stumble in my footsteps
Keep the same appointments I kept
If you try walking in my shoes
If you try walking in my shoes

Le feu

Le feu, originally uploaded by Ricardo Falcão.

, originally uploaded by oranista.


tears, originally uploaded by elisabethverwaest.

Street landscape

Street landscape, originally uploaded by StormPetrel1.

Wellington by night

The beast

The beast, originally uploaded by Stephane Suisse.

Carrelet, Fishing House - Aytré - France

sleepy time down south.

was dissapointed today to miss a Canon 50mm f/1.2L USM lens that was being auctioned (at great cost) on ebay..so I assembled my 50mm 1:1.4 /50mm super Takamur lens (Hand built by Asahi optical co in the 1950's. on the Canon Rebel Xti

.Is this such a bad result ?..cheers a nearly fit william


回來時, originally uploaded by barryaigne.

DMC-L1/Leica D Vario-Elmarit 14-50mm F2.8-3.5