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The Catacombs

The Catacombs, originally uploaded by MarkDM.

The Catacombs

Beneath Paris, France; October 2010

Underground art: The most surprising thing about the Catacombs is the artistry. What we saw was mostly leg bones and skulls, but they were placed so carefully, it was beautiful. It suggests how much respect the Parisians of 200 years ago had for their dead.

If you go: Be aware of a couple of things.

1. The Catacombs go on and on, probably a half-mile or so just of the ossuary (where the bones are), plus some other corridors and a few dozen steps up and down.

2. It gets wet in places, and don't wear your best shoes. I brought back some Catacombs mud on my shoes. I like it and will let it wear off, but just know that parts of the floor are a bit sloppy.

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