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Vanishing I

Vanishing I, originally uploaded by Joel Tjintjelaar.

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The bridge modelling for BMW's worldwide press release...
This is one of the photos BMW has used to launch their new BMW 6 series concept coupe in their worldwide press release in September 2010. Click here for the BMW press release and the photos by BMW.

Also part of a series that earned me 2nd place in 2010 International Photography Awards (IPA 2010) in the category bridges.

I've recently found out that there were some discussions on Internet forums about photographing architecture. They basically claim that photographing architecture like bridges is simply plagiarism and absolutely no art since it disregards the 'real' artist, being the architect. I guess these guys really don't know what art and photography is all about. Does it really matter what your subject is in photographic art? What matters is HOW you capture it that defines if it is art or not...

I went back to the bridge. There was a thick fog. Although I calculated an exposure time of 256 seconds, I decided during the shot to double the exposure time since it was getting darker relatively fast. It turned out well.

I saw a Michael Kenna video very recently in which you could see the master at work in Japan, shooting his famous trees in the snow. And Michael Kenna hugged the tree just to get connected with the tree. So I've decided to give this bridge a big hug. I don't know if he likes me now, but I love this bridge anyway...

Technical info:
ND110 - 10 stops.
18 mm
512s (8min32s) exposure

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