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Bow Fiddle Rock - Port Chnocaidh

Ingmar Bergman once called Andrei Tarkovsky the greatest director who ever lived. He may be right too.

Portknockie, Moray Firth. Bow Fiddle Rock is an element of the huge Caledonian fold belt, which stretches right across Scotland from Connemara in the West of Ireland through to Shetland, Norway & on to Spitsbergen.

I grabbed this shot with the wee LX3 - B & W 10 stop ND, fronted by a red plate About a 25 sec exposure @ f5,0. Uncropped & left just as I framed it. Trivia: You can get under the Bow on a neep tide apparently. A 'neep tide' is when millions of turnips come ashore to mate...

Maybe you run across their heads?

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