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The Buffalo Head

The Buffalo Head, originally uploaded by Helmut Schadt.

Buffaloes have been killed on a misty morning on the banks of holy Bagmati river in the outskirts of Kathmandu.
Porters carry the parts of the animals in baskets to the meat merchants of Kathmandu.
Same as in India, also in Nepal cows are considered as holy animals.
There is some irony, when not even racism about the fact that cows are considered holy and buffaloes can be slaughtered.
When asking why you don't slaughter cows I was told:
"Cows are symbols of mother. They give milk. How can you slaughter your mother ?"
Me: "But buffaloes also give milk."
Answer: "But they are black !":-))).

Picture taken on January 17, 1988.
Scan from Kodachrome slide, converted to b&w.

Uploaded by Helmut Schadt on 8 Oct 08, 3.37PM EET.

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