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philosophical fragments 10/30/08

There’s an old saying that given enough time just about everywhere is within walking distance
“no” didn’t even enter my mind - deep red lipstick and full sleeves of sailor jerry ink. A fragile voice unnecessarily tentative - under different circumstances i would have paid to do what she suggested
“a person lives undisturbed in himself, and then awakens the paradox of self-love as love for another, for one missing.”
again i find my self face to face with a great mystery that i have never fully understood
my neighborhood’s sprinkled with botanicas and you see a fair number of witches – they keep mostly to themselves but i see them shuffling around on a pretty regular basis. i’m not talking about halloween and broomsticks - i’m talking about witches. On the way home tonight i stopped at the liquor store for cigarettes and as i was going in a tattered older one wearing an Oakland raiders parka and about twenty necklaces was just leaving – leaving at her own pace – leaving slow. i held the door and as she passed she gave me something of a smile and a distinct wink. Good enough for me. i bought a lottery ticket and scratched it off right there. A ten dollar winner. Two days smokes for holding the door? Anytime.
librarian. At night she would snuggle up against the bed side lamp reading kirkegard while she absently fiddled with her hair. Not the kind of thing that lasts. No point inviting friends over for dinner. Cut the head off an unresolved pattern and it grows a new one. Brunette. she mostly seemed distracted and i got the feeling that i wasn’t referenced enough for her. my books weren’t even due back before it was over.

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